TeamKID (Kids in Discipleship)

What happens at TeamKID?

TeamKID offers a unique blend of activity and discipleship, of interactive learning and Bible memory.

This year’s studies will be about “Jumping the Hurdles.” The studies are designed to help kids prepare to face life's challenges with confidence! Life is full of hurdles: peer pressure, anger, making choices—just to name a few. Through learning God’s Word, kids learn how to overcome these difficulties.

Kids will enjoy music, games, and a fun-filled stimulating environment that will help them learn in a way that feels like play!

Kids also earn points each week to spend on prizes in the TeamKID store!

Who is it for?

TeamKID is for all kids up through 6th Grade. We have 2 groups: preschool—kindergarten and 1—6th. Kids can join in the fun at any time. Each set of activities and lessons are stand-alone topics so even if they miss a week or two the kids won’t fall behind.

When is it?

We meet on Wednesdays throughout the year (cancellations for holidays or special events will be announced in advance). TeamKID begins at 5:45pm and goes until 7:00pm.

Can I ride the bus?

The church bus runs most Wednesday nights that TeamKID is in session. Kids in 1st grade and up can ride on the bus. If you would like to ride, you must call or email the church office no later than Tuesday at noon. The bus begins picking up at 4:30pm and drops off after TeamKID ends at 7:15pm. A parent or guardian must enroll their child in TeamKID before they can ride the bus.
















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